Become a Tutor

Be a tutor! If you can read, write, and speak English, you can help others open the book to their full potential.

Learn to help others help themselves. No previous teaching experience is necessary, only a desire to help someone learn.

Our most pressing need at the Literacy Council is for volunteer tutors.

Tutors are required to complete one of the Council’s new tutor orientations.  You will receive three hours of training.  These orientations are generally scheduled bi-monthly.

The next tutor training will be scheduled as soon as possible.  Please contact Patricia Rittenhouse, Volunteer Coordinator, if you are interested in attending.  She can be reached at pat@lcrb.org or 610.670.9960, ext. 102.

Once trained, tutors will meet at locations convenient to both the student and the tutor. In addition, the hours are flexible to meet the demands of busy lifestyles.

Our students are motivated to come to us for many reasons:  out of work, want a better job, becoming a better parent, learning a new language, or joining the ranks of American citizens.  We want our tutors to help these students write new pages in the books of their lives.  The energy you put into your tutoring will be rewarded by the energy with which your student responds.

We are here for you! Whether you need a referral for a new textbook, help using the computer lab, or just plain old advice, you can contact us anytime and we will put you in touch with the support you deserve.

Click the link for the new tutor application.  For more information, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Patricia Rittenhouse.

Tutor Application



Provide one-on-one tutoring to Adult Basic Education (ABE), High School Equivalency (HEP), or English as a Second Language (ESL) students to better enable them to communicate and contribute to their families, workplaces, and community.


  • Have a bachelor’s degree or higher or currently working towards a degree
  • Be committed to helping individuals develop literacy skills
  • Be flexible, friendly, patient, and optimistic


  • Complete a tutor application
  • Attend a New Tutor Information session (1 hour)
  • Complete the Introduction to Tutoring Workshop (3 hours)

Time Commitment

Tutors must be willing to commit to meeting with a student for three hours a week for a minimum of six months. Scheduling is up to the tutor and student.


After being paired with a student, the following is expected:

  • Devote time outside of meetings to prepare individualized lessons for the student
  • Be prepared for your meetings
  • Be caring, positive and encouraging
  • Create and emphasize realistic, relevant homework
  • Evaluate the student’s work and give feedback to him/her
  • Report monthly to the Council office on student’s progress and hours as well as any change in schedule
  • Participate in professional development activities each year


Tutors and students must meet in a public place, i.e., libraries, churches, schools, restaurants, our office, etc.

Tutor Application

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