Corporate Training Program

Literacy problems cost U.S. companies $225 billion annually in lost productivity.

-National Institute for Literacy

For employers seeking a customized workforce training program, we design high-quality programs to meet their employees’ needs for basic skills. We take the time to learn each company’s goals, business needs and specific challenges. As part of this program, we are available for:

As a training provider, it is important for us to get to know your company. We take the time to learn your company’s goals and objectives and understand your business needs.

-Needs Assessment
Needs assessments are necessary to gather data, determining what workplace education would have a meaningful impact on your employees’ job performance. Organizational and individual learner assessments can determine who the potential learners are, develop a comprehensive picture of basic skills that will upgrade needs of employees, and identify barriers to implementing workplace initiatives.

-Customized Instruction
Customized instruction can be developed using the information and data gathered from the needs assessment. Actual workplace materials are used to transfer learning from the classroom to the workplace.

-Training Evaluation
Training evaluation is a systematic and continuous process. The evaluation includes collecting data about participants’ satisfaction with the training, learning gains, transfer of news skills to the job, and the impact of the training on your company’s business goals.

For more information, contact:
Ryan A. Breisch, Executive Director