Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does the Literacy Council do?
  2. Where do we work?
  3. Do we work with children?
  4. Do I need to speak Spanish or another foreign language?
  5. Does it cost anything?
  6. Do we provide transportation?
  7. Does the staff speak Spanish or another foreign language?
  8. Do we teach Spanish?
  9. Do we teach GED®?
  10. Do we teach computer courses?
  11. Where can I meet with my student/tutor?
  12. When are your tutor orientations?
  13. What do I have to do to get help?
  14. How do I get started?

What does the Literacy Council do?
The Literacy Council of Reading-Berks serves two audiences, adults and businesses, and offers classes, workshops, one-on-one tutoring and off-site training. When people come to us, they are committed to making a change-and ready to do the work. Our programs are effective and focus on four positive outcomes.

Where do we work?
We serve communities across Berks County. Most of our clients are from the city of Reading, but we serve people from suburban and rural areas as well.

Do we work with children?
No, we do not provide services to children under the age of 16 who are still in school. If your child needs help, we encourage you to contact your local school district.

Do I need to speak Spanish or another foreign language?
No, our tutors do not have to speak Spanish or any other foreign language to tutor ESL students. There are many teaching methods we provide in our new tutor orientations that allow native and non-native English speakers to communicate.

Does it cost anything for a student?
Most of our services are FREE. This includes assessment, counseling, tutoring/instruction, and follow-up. Also, all training and development for volunteers is free of charge. In return for providing free services, we require our students to commit to 70 hours of instruction. Any materials that tutors or students wish to purchase are sold at a fair market price.

Do we provide transportation?
No, we do not provide transportation. The main office of the Literacy Council is easily accessible by car, bus, or taxi. Enter 35 S. Dwight Street, West Lawn, PA  19609 in your GPS or phone app. When using BARTA, use bus #14.

Does the staff speak Spanish or another foreign language?
Part of our teaching philosophy is to prepare our non-English clients for interacting with mainstream American culture. To this end, we speak English exclusively at the Literacy Council. If you or someone you know needs special assistance, arrangements can be made. Please call our office for details.

Do we teach Spanish?
No, we do not teach Spanish, or any other foreign language. If you wish to learn a foreign language, please consult the Internet for a language school or community college.

Do we teach GED?

Yes, we teach classes to prepare adults for any high school equivalency exam, including the GED (general educational development) and HiSet exams. Registration for our high school equivalency certification program generally takes place in September, November and March, but is subject to change. Also, we provide interested adults with tutors to help improve skills for a high school equivalency exam, as well as connect qualified individuals with distance learning programs.

Do we teach computer courses?

Right now we do not offer computer courses; however, we have a lab available for public use on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Contact the office to make arrangements.

Where can I meet wtih my student/tutor?
Tutors and students meet at various locations across the county. Pairs are welcome to meet at our main location in West Lawn. Churches, restaurants, libraries, and other public places are also very popular meeting places. When you are matched with your student or tutor, you will be given some suggestions of places to meet. The most important thing to remember is that the location should be convenient for both the tutor and the student.

When are your new tutor orientations?
Interested tutors attend a three-hour orientation. Orientations are generally scheduled bi-monthly. Contact Taylor Mahoney at 610.670.9960 x102, or taylor@lcrb.org for more information.

What do I have to do to get help?
It’s very easy to get help at the Literacy Council: just call us! We will schedule you for an appointment, and put you on the right track to meet your goals. Most of our services are free, commit to 70 hours of instruction, and have at least one of the following goals: get a high school diploma/GED, obtain a job, keep a job, and/or enter post-secondary education.

How do I get started?
Making your first call to 610.670.9960, or visiting this website has already started you on the path to improving yourself as a parent, worker, or citizen. Take the next step: ask for a tutor, register for classes, learn endless skills in the computer lab, or schedule an appointment today!

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